1/30/2023 Like Most Fast Food, the FAST Act is Frozen

The law that would have established a “Fast Food Council” and potentially caused a minimum wage increase to $22 an hour for certain restaurants in California was enjoined by a Superior Court judge in Sacramento.  If implemented, the Fast Food Accountability and Standards Recovery Act (“FAST”) would have applied to “restaurants consisting of 100 or more establishments nationally that share a common brand, or that are characterized by standardized options for decor, marketing, packaging, products, and services,” and enforced uniform standards for minimum wages, working hours, and working conditions.  However, opponents of the legislation gathered enough signatures to force the FAST Act to be put to the voters for approval in the November 2024 election.  For now, the implementation of the FAST Act stayed.  We will continue to monitor the FAST Act and related challenges and keep you posted.  If you have any questions regarding our employment practice you can call Jerry Hawxhurst or Patrick Nichols to discuss.